Thematic apperception test essay

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Thematic apperception test essay

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Morgan in the Harvard Psychological clinic.

Multiple Choice Questions

The TAT consists of 31 provocative pictures portraying diverse social and interpersonal scenarios, of which the subject is asked to tell a story about the picture appearing on each card.

The subject is expected to describe the picture, comment on the likely developments triggering the events, give his thoughts, views and attitudes towards the people in the picture and finally predicting on the likely events that could happen later in the picture.

Originally, the 31 cards were divided into 3 categories, to be used exclusively on each gender and one category befitting both genders, but recent pictures indicate that TAT cards are used by both genders. There are many ways of administering TAT, but the most commonly used is where the cards are divided into two groups.

Thematic apperception test essay

The pictures in the first group are of normal occurrences, e. The second group pictures are purposely more unusual and depicting more bizarre events than the first ones. The cards are kept in a pile facing downwards and the subject is given one card at a time. They are advised to give as more detailed and dramatic stories as they can.

TAT has a variety of uses. It is used in psychotherapy, in employment recruitment and for forensic purposes. Their dreams, goals and aspirations can also be assessed.

Original intended purpose of TAT was to bring to the surface inherent underlying characteristics and personal traits of an individual e. Of late TAT is being used in addition to psychoanalysis, to help individuals understand themselves better and stimulate their personal growth.

Aronow et al These are jobs that require people with a superb ability to cope with people of diverse cultural and social background as well as an ability to cope with extremely stressing moments.

TAT focuses on the human personality and behaviors, both conscious and unconscious. Eg, it can be used to evaluate the extent which people are involved emotionally with others, ability to control aggression and also personal actualization and identity.

All these aid in assessment of an individuals personality. Aribisi, et al Most researchers agree that there are three most important factors that have to be put into consideration in interpretation of the TAT results: Men might respond in a particular manner to a certain picture, differing in a greater way from the women counterparts.

What men might consider to be a sign of heroism might be regarded as aggression. This is in line with the dynamics of power play demonstrated in the society. The story content presents the subjects view of the society, attributes and fantasies.

More also can be analyzed from the tone of the respondents. It can tell more on the subjects general feelings towards something, optimism or pessimism.Online Test Index since Updated 3/23/ Image Copywrite Paris Soulier Intelligence Tests: Majon's IQ Test - Four different online IQ tests available at this site.(LINK TESTED 3/23/10).

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The TAT Test or Thematic Apperception Test is a projective psychological test used to explore the unconscious of an individual in order to reveal the underlying parts of personality, internal conflicts, motives and interests.

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