Persuasive essay online shopping

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Persuasive essay online shopping

Argumentative Essay - The Problem of Online Shopping What is Online Shopping Online shopping, also known as electronic commerce, is different from the traditional one that it breaks the physical boundary of the latter one.

Shopping can be done through the use of web browser. Consumers can directly buy goods or even services from the sellers over the Internet Consumer Reports, Buyer can shop for everything, no matter clothing, books, food or even financial products and airline tickets through the use of internet.

They can shop anytime they like and they can browse the shops outside the country they are living in Consumer Reports, The product will be delivered to the consumer through delivery service companies.

Statistics on Online Shopping Online shopping has become a global trend and Hong Kong is not the exceptional. The importance of online shopping continues to grow for Hong Kong consumers.

Persuasive essay online shopping

The average number of purchases made by those who have shopped online was 4. And most of them were aged between 18 and 24 MasterCard Worldwide, The most wanted items are apparels, financial products, airline tickets and computer hardware.

Many decide to shop online because it provides a more variety of products, it offers a cheaper price and it is more convenience in the buying procedures when comparing with the traditional way of shopping Retail in Asia, Stakeholders Involved in Online Shopping There are four different kinds of stakeholder involved in the issue of online shopping.

They are the online shopping website, the seller, the buyer and the government Persuasive essay online shopping. Each of them is acting differently in the transaction of online shopping. For the online shopping website, its main role is to be a medium and platform for both the buyer and the seller to initial, to negotiate, and to finish a transaction.

A seller or a shop is one who pays a fee to the website and is then permitted to promote and to post their products in the website. A buyer is a registered member of the website. They enjoy the right to browse the products posted in the website.

The role of government is to regulate and to control the online shopping so as to ensure the interest of the parties involved will not be deprived. In simpler wordings, for every consumers who shop online, there would be 40 of them dissatisfy with online purchases.

According to Consumer Councilthere were complains received in Near were complaining about the late receive of the product bought Consumer Council, There were also complaints on the price quarrel with the shop owners, on the quality of the products and services received and complaints on the wrong products delivered China Daily, Privacy Problem of the Consumer is at Risk According to Taddeithe buyers need to give out personal information such as the Hong Kong identity card number, the credit card number, mobile phone number and sometimes the home address.

Many of the online shopping websites do not state out or do not clearly define how the data will be used Taddei, Furthermore, the websites usually do not have measure, software and even crew to deal with the data protection because of the huge cost needs.

No Power for the Online Shopping Website to Monitor the Transaction Being the agent between the buyer and the seller, the role of the online shopping website is vaguely defined. The website is a platform for the seller to post their products and a platform for the buyer to look for their needs.

The website cannot ensure every shop is doing the business in a good manner. It cannot ensure every product will be delivered at the designated time. It cannot ensure every product is not a pirate. It cannot ensure the shop owner will not collect the money and run away without delivering any product.

In practice, the website cannot intervene any transaction unless a complaint is made. When there is complaint, the buyer can report to the customer services. But there is limit action they can do to protect the buyers. They can, with an investigation, close down the shop.

It is difficult and even no mean for the website to dun for compensation from the seller to the buyer. According to a press release by Hong Kong government inthese are also the only laws which can apply to online sale activities.

In many cases, it shows that only these two Ordinances are very difficult to safeguard the interest of the online buyers. Also, as online shopping is a relatively new shopping method that there is no universal law or regulations set to protect the interest of the buyers.

To solve the problem, there is no way but to do more on controlling, regulating and monitoring. The four parties, online shopping website, the seller, the buyer and also the government should take steps and to collaborate with each other to solve the problem. Do More on Data Protection Policy The online shopping website should establish a set of data protection shopping Online shopping is the process of buying goods and services from merchants who sell on the Internet.

Since the emergence of the World Wide Web, merchants have sought to sell their products to people who surf the Internet.

) Online shopping will soon misplace all the traditional malls. ) Including physical exercises in video games is the only way to convince kids to go in for sports.

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