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In contrast to traditional all-glass or all-plastic greenhouses, which often rely on fossil fuels to grow year-round, solar greenhouses can create warm year-round growing environments using only the power of the sun, natural materials and energy-efficient design. Here are the seven basic elements of solar greenhouse design. By following these, you can create a naturally abundant, self-sufficient growing oasis, allowing you to grow more with less energy and hassle.

Green house

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An example of 19th-century greenhouse architecture Theory of operation[ edit ] The warmer temperature in a greenhouse occurs because incident solar radiation passes through the transparent roof and walls and is absorbed by the floor, earth, and contents, which become warmer.

As the structure is not open to the atmosphere, the warmed air cannot escape via convectionso the temperature inside the greenhouse rises.

This differs from the earth-oriented theory known as the " greenhouse effect ".


Composite less-reflective glass, or less effective but cheaper anti-reflective coated simple glass, also produced savings. If there is no proper ventilation, greenhouses and their growing plants can become prone to problems. The main purposes of ventilation are to regulate the temperature and humidity to the optimal level, and to ensure movement of air and thus prevent build-up of plant pathogens such as Botrytis cinerea that prefer still air conditions.

Ventilation also ensures a supply of fresh air for photosynthesis and plant respirationGreen house may enable important pollinators to access the greenhouse crop. Ventilation can be achieved via use of vents - often controlled automatically via a computer - and recirculation fans.

Heating and cooling[ edit ] Heating or electricity is one of the most considerable costs in the operation of greenhouses across the globe, especially in colder climates.

Green house

The main problem with heating a greenhouse as opposed to a building that has solid opaque walls is the amount of heat lost through the greenhouse covering. Since the coverings need to allow light to filter into the structure, they conversely cannot insulate very well.

With traditional plastic greenhouse coverings having an R-value of around 2, a great amount of money is therefore spent to continually replace the heat lost. Most greenhouses, when supplemental heat is needed use natural gas or electric furnaces.

Passive heating methods exist which seek heat using low energy input. Waste heat from livestock can also be used to heat greenhouses, e. This can be done manually, or in an automated manner. Window actuators can open windows due to temperature difference [15] or can be opened by electronic controllers.

Electronic controllers are often used to monitor the temperature and adjusts the furnace operation to the conditions. This can be as simple as a basic thermostat, but can be more complicated in larger greenhouse operations. Lighting[ edit ] During the day, light enters the greenhouse via the windows and is used by the plants.


Some greenhouses are also equipped with grow lights often LED lights which are switched on at night to increase the amount of light the plants get, hereby increasing the yield with certain crops. For example, Cornerways Nursery in the UK is strategically placed near a major sugar refinery, [23] consuming both waste heat and CO2 from the refinery which would otherwise be vented to atmosphere.

The refinery reduces its carbon emissions, whilst the nursery enjoys boosted tomato yields and does not need to provide its own greenhouse heating.Amazing deals on this 6Ft X 8Ft Greenhouse at Harbor Freight. Quality tools & low prices/5().

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It usually has a glass or translucent plastic roof. Many greenhouses also have glass or plastic walls. Greenhouses warm up during the day via penetration of the sun's rays which heat the plants, soil and structure.

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