Canadian film industry essay

Nearly 50 homegrown features will make their debut at the Toronto International Film Festival — but most will disappear without a trace Published September 4, Updated November 12, It was a small film, sure, but the reviews were promising. One critic called it "a blessing," and blessed it with three stars.

Canadian film industry essay

Trying to grow a really big beard. Help us produce more by visiting www. What are the historical events that might have shaped this? Is it a lack of population density? Or perhaps there is something more sinister worming its way through the film community; poisoning any attempt to produce or distribute a mainstream feature.

Through political overreach the distribution of film in Canada was heavily regulated in favour of American interests dooming new Canadian film industry essay markets to the whims of whichever ideology controls our executive branch and neither will ever give that power up.

In part, it was founded to create propaganda in support of the Second World War. This was the key stone in laying the basic structure of an economic framework that hurts us to this very day. Distribution is the respiratory system of the film business and economic interference from government will always choke a market out in the end.

This fact doubtless had some connection with the willingness of commercial theatres to allow the distribution of government film propaganda. He literally decided for all Canadians what kind of film would be allowed a green light as directed by Ottawa.

Specific ideas have specific consequences. The pioneering spirit of the types of risk takers and filmmakers that establish complex collaborative industries need to be free of such state control to thrive.

This is what I think happened in Canada and what remains are the zombie limbs of a failed idea still clawing their way across the national budget. There are few areas as illustrative of government interference and the negative consequence that can have as the arts.

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Gunnie Reagan argues that Violence is an action against a victim; force is an action to quell the violent act. Passivity breeds violence; force regulates violence. It practically spells out a rationalization to commit violence while convincing ones self it is really force.

In the case of Grierson we have the double temptation of helping his homeland fight a great evil in the Nazis and the appearance of legitimacy granted to him by the government of Canada.

This is called, as Rodney P. But they are in the way. These insincere institutions draw the oxygen from the room and everything else suffocates. Ford would have abandoned the market immediately as would Dodge and any other reasonable company. These studios are private, powerful, and rarely take subsidy from the government so creative control is almost entirely dominated by the executives and shareholders that now administer these great monoliths ripped from the minds of dead legends.

The error lies in our government failing to protect our markets because they have too much direct influence over them. Additionally, the cost of permits to use the most basic equipment or shoot on public lands are exceptionally sensitive to inflation [30] and unpredictable delay. It takes government approval which can be withheld on virtually any pretense, AND money to fly a camera drone for commercial purposes even in the safety of an empty field.

How convenient that commercial drones happen to weigh just a little too much for an exemption by Transport Canada. No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law; and a regular Statement and Account of the Receipts and Expenditures of all public Money shall be published from time to time.

By hiding provincial controls behind the promotion of provincial narrative there could never be enough people in any given area of political coverage to form a critical opposition that could do anything material about it.

A strong and locally supportive provincial government pumps money into the industry broadly avoiding the perils of project control. By doing this Quebec gained almost unfettered market dominance producing their own specialty industries in several forms of media which the rest of Canada was denied and now envies.

It is quite possible, though beyond the scope of this essay, that we are the victims of this pattern in many more areas of our lives than we realize.

Canadian film industry essay

That regional differences can be used to leverage one group against another just enough to maintain status quo. Specific government actions have specific consequences on the people. However, coming so close to success without government controls has hitherto been just too much for our politicians to accept.

So powerful is this compulsion for creative control in media that it overrides even the rare bipartisan support tax credits usually enjoy, [38] as shown in Saskatchewan recently when the Wall government canceled a relatively small tax credit of 7 million, destroying 16 years of work and losing million dollars worth of private sector media industry.

Canadian film production is forever scarred by the NFB and the top down approach the government of Canada took in defining Canadians as the governing class would prefer us be. It became a framework used in every province for controlling the voice of Canadians.

There is a sinister word game employed by propagandists and this is no exception.

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This is an almost absurd malapropism. This abuse of language is only one sign of a larger tendency toward abuse of power. This betrayal runs deep. In effect Canadians have been sold the lie of 1st world nationhood. In fact we are actually being subtly guided through economic modeling toward something more akin to a 3rd world labour force.The Film Industry in Florida - Florida is known for many things like its fresh oranges, its sunshine and warm climate, its beautiful beaches, its Everglades National Park, cigar factories and many more interesting things.

The Canadian Film Industry, which may further be expanded to the media industry, is a fantastic example of how the history of something in a country can shape and influence the identity and culture of the country.

Canadian film industry essay

The Canadian film industry is relatively healthy overall but the figures indicate strictly indigenous Canadian films, outside of one or two major production houses, may suffer revenue and market difficulties in the years ahead. In the Canadian Film industry there are numerous major players, some of which are supported by the Canadian and Provincial governments and others are independent companies.

83 rows · The cinema of Canada or Canadian cinema refers to the filmmaking industry in Canada.

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Canada is home to several film studios centres, primarily located in its three largest metropolitan centres: Toronto, Ontario, Montreal, Quebec and Vancouver, Main distributors: Universal %, Disney %, Warner Bros. %. Sep 07,  · Watch video · The city’s industry has followed an up-and-down pattern, usually related to the Canadian dollar, which has dropped more than 20 percent against the U.S.

dollar in the past five years.

How Does the Canadian Film Industry Measure Up?