Analyse own responsibilites for promoting equality

Equality objectives As an employer, DWP is committed to equality and valuing diversity within its workforce.

Analyse own responsibilites for promoting equality

Knowledge Management and Advocacy 6. Climate change training and knowledge exchange 6. Knowledge sharing platform 6. Project learning mechanism Project implementation is fully transparent. The implementing partner IP will support the start-up activities at the community, ward and city level, contributing to work packages 1 to 5, as detailed in the following section.

Specifically the Implementing Partner will be undertaking activities as follows but not limited to: Community level actions and capacity building maximum proposed value USD The IP will develop two new local action plans based on previous methodology for White River and Gilbert Camp informal settlements and will update all plans with findings from community profiling activities and scoping and feasibility studies of prioritized local actions, completing community climate action plans for all the settlements.

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In-depth profiling of all hotspot communities: The IP will provide tablets and software and will present options to integrate satellite, drone and community mapping. Carry out scoping and feasibility studies for all communities.


The IP will assess the cost, feasibility and partnerships that will be needed to implement the actions suggested by the community. IP will be in charge of organizing community consultations and mobilizing international and local experts on themes such as land tenure; water, civil and humanitarian engineering; housing; waste management; DRR and any other relevant matter.

Training on surveys, data recording, and data management addressing community members for community profile self-assessment and monitoring. This activity is to be carried out in link with the assessments and studies above mentioned in points 2 and 3.

Part of these sensitization and awareness campaigns should take the form of workshops to be carried out during visits for other activities.

Analyse own responsibilites for promoting equality

Ward level actions and capacity building maximum proposed value USD Conducting training and piloting of closed-loop organic waste and urban food production activities, and reducing climate vulnerability through ecosystem services enhancing food security, reducing storm water run-off, and reduced sensitivity to climate extremes due to reduced waste and rubbish accumulation in the local area.

The IP will engage with Honiara City Council to identify and promote climate resilient public spaces e.

The expertise required from the IP to ensure adequate support the creation of community spaces includes planning, housing, landscape architecture and DRR. The IP will also provide a platform for whole of city regular meetings and capacity building activities. Assessment of locally appropriate land administration options for peri-urban settlements and households, around Ngossi and Panatina wards.

Proposed option will seek to account for both Western and Customary laws when dealing with urban growth; the IP will suggest options to secure and safeguard legitimate tenure rights, and inform decisions on resettlement.

Mobilization of international land tenure experts, community consultation and workshops are expected to be organized as part of this activity. The IP will be in charge of assessing specific needs on planning, GIS risk mapping, land administration, engineering, data management, climate change adaptation, media and communications.TDA Equality, diversity & inclusion in work with children & young people rights and equality of opportunity for children and young people must be included in the policies.

understand diversity, equality and inclusion in own are of responsibility. CU Explain models of practice that underpin equality, diversity and inclusion in own area of responsibility. Equality is to treat all as individuals; to respect race, disability, age, gender, religion, beliefs, culture and sexual orientation.

Nov 09,  · Explain How You Could Promote Inclusion, Equality and Diversity with Your Current and Future Learners. Identify Other Points of Referral Available to Meet the Potential Needs of Learners.

Explain how you could promote inclusion, equality and diversity with your current and future learners. Identify other points of referral available to meet the potential needs of learners.

Is business responsible for promoting gender diversity?

In order to promote equality and diversity in your health or social care setting, everyone on your team needs to be fully understanding of the relevant legislation, principles and practices.

Without the basic knowledge of equality and diversity, it can be difficult to get people to promote and support it. Responsibilities in Early Years and Childcare whether they promote equality. Devise a strategy to evaluate the impact of member of staff responsible for equality.

Handle questions about difference honestly, sensitively and openly. Recognise the need for training in equality.

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in integrated and cohesive communities, promoting good relations within communities. Promoting equality and inclusiveness is core to our business. It is, therefore, the responsibility of all of our Board members, staff and contractors working on our behalf to adhere to and implement this policy.

Our commitment through governance.

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